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To the Top in Green


In the view of being eco-friendly Socage has developed the first totally
ecological compact platform: the A314 NAT ( Natural Aerial Transport)
is installed on Ecomile FAAM truck, which is equipped with an electric
motor with alternating current at 96 V and a LI-PO lithium-ion battery
of 150 Ah. The new model has autonomy, in combined cycle, of
about 100 km and it can reach the maximum speed of 80 kph.
The A314 NAT is able to work at height without gas or sound emission,
particularly important for indoor’s or city centers.Due to its compactness,
just 4.4 m long, the new ecological model is extremely agile and
maneuverable.The A314 NAT is able to reach a maximum working
*height of 13.2 m with 6.5 m of maximum outreach and the Safe
Working Load is 225 kg.This new platform has continuous rotation,
very important as it avoids downtimes for repositioning the aerial part,
and it is also equipped with an aluminum basket (sized 1400 x 700 xh 1100 mm)
that can be rotated to 90° + 90°.